Women In Film & Television International  Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI) is a global network of over 40 member Chapters worldwide with more than 10,000 individual members dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, digital and other screen-based media. WIFTI does not offer individual memberships. Anyone interested in joining a Chapter should contact their local Women in Film/Television organization for an application.WIFTI's special programs are funded by membership dues and the support of our sponsors. Visit our Chapters page at wiftichapters.org  for links to specific Chapter events in your area and for contact information.

WIFTI Featured image



WIFT Germany

Director: Zainab Zaher 

I Want To Be Shahmama


Minnesota WIFT

Director: Dawn Mikkelson

Shaping The Public


WIFT Louisiana | Director

Victoria Greene

Monster In The Bayou


WIFV Washington DC

Director: Monda Webb

Zoo (Volkerschau)


* Award Winners * 

Bay Area WIFM | Director: Eve Edelson | The Bunny Man
FCTV Paris | Director: Sara Lelouch | It’s Caviar
Kansas City WIFT | Director: Meagan Flynn | Tipping Point
* Minnesota WIFT | Director: Dawn Mikkelson | Shaping The Public * 
New Mexico WIF | Director: Ilana Lapid | La Catrina 
New York WIFT | Director: Thais Drassinower | Memories Of The Sea
Tennessee WIFM | Director: Sheyla Paz Hicks | Who You Are (Quien Eres Tu)
WFTV UK | Director: Nicola Hosking | Stay With Me
WIF Chicago | Director: Oriana Oppice | The Bench Project: Lost and Found
WIF Dallas | Director: Liz Franke | Treading Water
WIF Los Angeles | Director: Whitney Clinkscales | Hush
WIF Portland | Director: Micah Vanderhoof | Dreamgirl
WIF Seattle | Director: Laila Kazmi | When Music is Medicine
WIF Tampa | Director: Christina Reynolds | Between
WIFT Alberta | Director: Pina Robinson | Old Country
WIFT Atlanta | Director: Kristen McGary | Rain
WIFT Brazil | Director: Andrea Cavalcanti | Masked
WIFT Finland | Director: Hanna Maylett | First World Problems
* WIFT Germany | Director: Zainab Zaher | I Want To Be Shahmama *
WIFT Houston | Director: Jennifer Waldo | Sisters
WIFT India | Director: Sharmistha Saha | My Little Death
WIFT Ireland | Director: Hannah Quinn | My Bonnie
* WIFT Louisiana | Director: Victoria Greene | Monster In The Bayou * 
WIFT Montreal | Director: Isabelle A. Girard | A Little, A Lot, Madly...
WIFT Nashville | Director: Jaclyn Edmonson | One Bottle At A Time
WIFT New England | Director: Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness | Writer's Block
WIFT New Zealand | Director: Pat Robins | Food For Thought
WIFT Pittsburgh | Director: Rani Crowe | Texting: A Love Story
WIFT Sweden | Director: Anja Celine Pedersen | Isabelle
WIFTV Vancouver | Director: Michelle Brezinski | Madness
* WIFV Washington DC | Director: Monda Webb | Zoo (Volkerschau) *  

Women in Film & Video WiFV-DC
3628 12th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017
Find us on Facebook 
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