[Film Title: Anori, Director: Pipaluk Jørgensen, Country: Greenland]

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Today we are 50 Wift partners and chapters on six continents, all working for the same goal:
– Gender based balance in the industry.

[Film titel: Standing Above the Clouds, Director: Jalena Keane-Lee, Country: Hawaii, US]


To root our mission towards gender balance in film & TV, WIFTI has launched a series of live
and online talks with researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

[Film Title: Woman At War. Director: Benedikt Erlingsson. Country: Iceland]

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Chlóe Zhao wins Best Director

WIFTI celebrates Chloé Zhao’s win at Academy Awards for
Best Director for feature film “Nomadland”.

[Film Title: Stupid Young Heart. Director: Selma Vilhunen. Country: Finland]

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Women in Film & Television

WIFTI is a global network dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video and other screen-based media.

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To root our mission towards connection, visibility and knowledge, we are running a series of in-person and online events year-round and collect knowledge in our hub


WIFTI at Cannes 2024!

This year at the 2024 Cannes International Film Festival, Women in Film and Television Ireland (WFT) in association with Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) hosted a networking reception at the Irish Pavilion to celebrate the WIFTI...

Highlight your Guild and Union Memberships on IMDB Pro!

Showcase your entertainment industry experience when you update your Professional Affiliations (guilds, unions, associations) on IMDbPro today. As a member of WIFTI, you are eligible to receive a 30% discount off an IMDbPro Premium subscription,...

WIFTI Presidents: Take The Survey!

If you are the President of an active WIFT International Chapter or Affiliate Organisation please get in touch with us and fill out an important survey! Dr. Susan Liddy, WIFTI President and WFT Ireland Chair shares: “Today, with the support of WIF...

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