WIFTM Italia Elects New Board of Directors

WIFTM Italia Elects New Board of Directors

On 12 March 2024, Women in Film, Television & Media Italia elected the new Board of Directors! Among them, WIFTI Vice President Domizia de Rosa was re-elected as President.

Domizia shares her intentions and goals for the next term on the WIFTMI Board: “In this new mandate my objective is to consolidate both the work carried out in recent years by WIFTMI and the Association itself; create projects that, by making use of the treasure of accumulated knowledge, skills and questions, stimulate new writings, new visions and new professional opportunities; actively involve members and members; stimulate network growth in the regions. I believe the Association has a role to play within our industry and the potential to do so. So, let’s roll up our sleeves.”

You can read everyone’s vision statements here. 

WIFT at Berlinale Podcast: Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times

WIFT at Berlinale Podcast: Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times

This February at the Berlinale, WIFT Germany held a powerful series of talks titled “Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times”. These examined the world today, where there seem to be new crises emerging daily – war, climate change, flight and displacement, and the resurgence of the far-right. All too often, women are the ones who suffer the most.

In this podcast episode, WFT Ireland Member Gemma Creagh speaks with WIFT Germany and WIFTI Board Member and actor Mara Luka who talks about their vast chapter, the film industry in Germany, and WIFT’s close ties to the Berlinale Festival.

Then in a live recording from the event, outgoing Berlinale Executive Director Mariëtte Rissenbeek talks about WIFT’s relationship to the festival while Producer Zhang Fan from Bridging the Dragon discusses the film landscape in China.

This recording and podcast was made possible with the support of Coimisiún na Meán, WIFT Germany and the Berlinale.

Keep an eye out for part two where WFT Ireland Chair and WIFT International President Dr Susan Liddy speaks with Ukrainian Filmmaker Julia Sinkevych about an important study on Gender-Based Violence on German Television.

WFT Ireland Cannes Conversation Series Podcast: Focus on Sustainability

WFT Ireland Cannes Conversation Series Podcast: Focus on Sustainability

In the fourth installment of WFT Ireland’s Cannes Conversation Series, they look at the importance of sustainability. The future of the screen industry depends on consciously changing how we approach filming as well as telling stories that look at the world in a new way. At the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, WFT Ireland Member Gemma Creagh caught up with Ecoprod’s Alissa Aubenque, a producer and Green Film Production Expert about changes in production that can be made that make a real difference.

Following this, filmmaker and WFT member Maeve Stone speaks with producer, activist and former WIFTI President Helene Granqvist about the ins and outs of developing sustainable narratives and the intersectionality of activism and art.

This podcast has been made possible with the support of the Screen Ireland Stakeholder Fund.

About Helene Granqvist

Helene Granqvist is a prize-winning producer who has worked with film and television for more than 30 years. She studied Production Design at Statens Teaterskole (1984-1988) in Copenhagen and worked as a production designer all through the 1990’s. In 2000 she co-founded the production company Good World AB (today Good Film & Post), and began to work as a producer. In 2011 she founded the production company Nordic Factory (previously DoDream) based on the vision of connecting ideas with resources, and the communication of sustainable values – socially, culturally, economically and ecologically. Since her time at Good, she has produced a dozen documentaries, as well as many short films, a number of feature films, a web TV channel, and a documentary TV series. She also work as an international pitch coach. Nordic Genre Boost, Nordic Talents, Nordic Film Market, Film Greenland. Baltic Powr Event, Super 16, Royal Jordan Film Commission and Balkan Film Market are some of them she’s been working for. Since 2013 Helene has been President of WIFT Sweden and between 2018-2023 also President of Women in Film & Television International.

About Maeve Stone

Maeve is a director / writer for film and theatre whose work responds to issues of climate breakdown, and revisits the canon with a feminist lens. She is artivist-in-residence with Project Arts Centre through 2022, editing a limited run publication called “How Do We Start?”, providing mentorship through RHIZOME and facilitating a pilot project called Roots For The Future, a radical climate thinking group for and by artists. Through her practice as an artist, activist and curator Maeve will work with Project Arts Centre on a creative journey as Project begins to explore how they can approach a more sustainable way of existing in the world and how they can support artists to lead the way; collaborating and bringing their dynamic skills to bear on a problem we cannot avoid. She is lead artist for axis Ballymun’s Green Arts Department facilitating a series of events that reach out into the community and raise awareness of Green Issues. In 2021 she co-founded a film and media company called Cracking Light Productions with her partner Alex Gill. Looking for moments that capture something true, sometimes messy and sometimes composed, these projects are always focused on building connections. In film Maeve has just completed her second short film The Last Harvest which included a pilot in sustainable short film making supported by Creative Ireland and Clare County Council. She was awarded Screen Ireland’s position as shadow director October 2018 on Wildfire – upcoming debut from Cathy Brady. In June 2019 she shot her first short film The House Fell which premiered at Cork Film Festival and was selected by Fastnet Festival, Kerry International Film Festival, The Richard Harris International Film Festival and Achill Island Film Festival. In theatre most recently she composed original music for The Wrens by Dan Colley. In 2019 she wrote and co-directed an interdisciplinary work called Bodies of Water with Eoghan Carrick, visual artist Jonah King and artist Una Kavanagh, UNWOMAN Part III with radical feminist theatre company THE RABBLE (Australia), The Mouth of a Shark – a song cycle about migration – with Change of Address and THE SHITSTORM: a riot grrrl sequel to The Tempest, Abbey Theatre-Fringe Co-Production which debuted as part of Dublin Fringe at The Peacock September 2017.

WFT Germany Panel – Charting New Horizons: Evolving Perspectives in Film Funding

WFT Germany Panel – Charting New Horizons: Evolving Perspectives in Film Funding

As part of the “Internationales Frauen Film Fest Dortmund+Köln”, WFT Germany is organizing a networking event with speed dating in cooperation with Cinematographinnen, ProQuote Film and female film friends!

About the Panel – Charting New Horizons: Evolving Perspectives in Film Funding

The film landscape is undergoing significant changes. This is reflected not only in the amendments to the FFG (Filmförderungsgesetz) at the federal level but also in the restructuring of regional film funding. Similarly, the upheaval is evident in streaming services, media libraries, cinema, and television. This panel will discuss why new funding guidelines and pathways in film financing are necessary. What changes are already apparent, and how can we create new pathways for a sustainable, diverse, and high-quality film landscape? In particular, we want to explore innovative approaches and models that support women in the film industry and promote gender equality.

Guests: INGA BECKER – Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at MOIN Film Funding; DR. LISA GIEHL – Executive Vice President Subsidies & Public Policy in the field of funding and public policy within LEONINE; DR. MARIA NÜST – Legal Counsel at Beta Film GmbH.
The panel will be hosted by WIFTI and WIFT Germany Board Member Mara Luka, and WIFT Germany member Isabelle Feldwisch.

Join WFT Germany April 18, 2024 at 7 p.m. in the “Wohngemeinschaft” in Cologne (Richard-Wagner-Straße 39, 50674 Cologne).

Participation is free of charge, and you can register your place here.

Women in Film and Television Jamaica (WIFTJA) Unveils New Board for 2024-2026

Women in Film and Television Jamaica (WIFTJA) Unveils New Board for 2024-2026

Women in Film and Television Jamaica (WIFTJA) announced the appointment of a new board to lead the organisation into a year of continued growth and innovation. 

Heading the board is the newly elected President, Stephanie Hazle Lyle, a visionary known for her dedication to advancing the well-being of women and girls, using film as a catalyst for societal transformation. Assuming the role of Vice President, Noelle Wright, brings with her a wealth of experience as an actor and producer with the mind of a pragmatist and the heart of a dreamer. 

The board of directors is comprised of industry luminaries, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table: 

  • Fae Ellington: A distinguished figure in Jamaican media and theatre arts, Fae brings a wealth of knowledge and influence to the board, championing structural development and sustainability in all facets of the industry. Notably, she was the Jamaica Language Coach for Bob Marley: One Love (2024). 
  • Natasha Griffiths: A beach-loving writer-director and educator with a penchant for the pen and a passion for cinematic storytelling, known for telling stories that are idiosyncratic of the Caribbean and deeply resonant globally. 
  • Brianna Rae Nelson: Making waves in the field of television internationally, Brianna Rae is a corporate creative marketer in Film & TV with a passion for storytelling through the lens of directing and producing. She is dedicated to promoting the voices of women in front of and behind the camera, advocating for authentic representation and equitable opportunities. 
  • Dr. Lisa Tomlinson: An author and senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona-Lisa teaches African Diaspora and Caribbean films, World Cinema and Introduction to Drama. • Ina Sotirova: Bringing an international perspective to the board, Ina is an award-winning storyteller and TEDx speaker with 15+ years of experience in media, photography and documentaries, who also writes, directs and edits fiction and experimental films. 

Under the guidance of this esteemed leadership team, WIFTJA is poised to embark on an ambitious agenda for 2024 and beyond, including continued and new initiatives to expand the skillsets, broaden the visibility and foster impactful professional relationships for our members. 

President Stephanie Hazle Lyle expressed her excitement for the years ahead, stating, “I am honoured to lead WIFTJA alongside such an eminent and dedicated board, and with the unwavering support of our former President Nadean Rawlins, who has worked tirelessly to build on an impressive foundation, and now waves the Jamaican banner as a director of the board of Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI).

Together, we are committed to reinforcing the narrative of “women supporting women” while fostering a culture of inclusivity within our industry.” 

For more information about Women in Film and Television Jamaica and to stay updated on upcoming events and initiatives, please visit www.wiftja.org.