WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: Sustainable Wardrobe and Set

WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: Sustainable Wardrobe and Set

wifti worldwide webinar bunny yan
WIFTI Worldwide Webinar with Bunny Yan in conversation with Imogen Ross

WIFTI Sustainability Conversation #2: Sustainable Wardrobe & Set – Tips & Tricks that will save you money & the environment

December 2, 9am CET / 6pm AEST / 7pm AEDT

Join us for this conversation with sustainability expert turn fashion storyteller Bunny Yan, presented in collaboration with WIFT Australia. Bunny will be in conversation with moderator Imogen Ross.

Bunny Yan created an award-winning digital series that focuses on the fascinating side of impact-positive fashion. Combining 20+ years of knowledge with her magnetic personality she delivers a world of cool transformations, daring technologies, surprising materials and boundless potential. Her superpower: Storytelling based on human emotion & behaviour aka making boring stuff fun.

Imogen Ross is a production/set/costume designer and visual artist/maker of many things based in the Illawarra on Australia’s east coast. Collaboration, imagination, and integration of complex ideas with diverse cultural narratives is her speciality. She is a proud member of the APDG (Australian Production Design Guild) and is the current Environmental Sustainability writer for the APDG quarterly newsletter, researching and promoting sustainable choices as design options for both live performance and screen designers across Australia. See: https://apdg.org.au/2021/09/apdgreen-conversations-ecoscenography-linking-sustainable-practises-across-international-borders

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WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: In The Director’s Chair Sits a Woman

WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: In The Director’s Chair Sits a Woman

WIFTI Worldwide Webinar Israel
WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: In the Director’s Chair Sits a Woman

This webinar is presented by our sisters at WIFT Israel. On November 16, 6pm CET Osnat Bukofzer will be in conversation with Smadar Zamir about her work and latest film ‘In the Director’s Chair Sits a Woman’.

Smadar learned about and experienced the difficulties faced by female filmmakers attempting to make films in Israel, a country with ostensibly modern characteristics, but it turns out that our patriarchy has a greater influence on us than we anticipated. Will this knowledge enable us to create in different ways?

Smadar Zamir is a filmmaker, activist and lecturer. A graduate with honors from the department of Cinema and TV Arts in Sapir College, and an MA in Gender Studies from Bar Ilan University. Her final project film, the short fiction film BETWEEN THE LINES aired on Channel2/Israel and travelled the film festival circuit. In The Director’s Chair Sits A Woman is her debut film.

Watch the trailer to the film here.

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WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: Sustainability & Storytelling

WIFTI Worldwide Webinar: Sustainability & Storytelling

WIFTI Webinar Sustainability

Join us for our WIFTI Sustainability Conversation #1

As our first webinar this autumn, we will host our WIFTI Sustainability Conversation #1, which will be part of a longer series of conversations on sustainability, film and storytelling this coming winter and spring.

President Helene Granqvist will be in conversation with Copenhagen-based creator Valeria Richter on the importance of love as a force, the impact of stories in society and on why conscious confusion is an essential part of cultural learning. Don’t miss out and share with your friends!

October 26, 9am PST / 6pm Central European Time.

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Coffee Chat: Blue Sky Sessions

Coffee Chat: Blue Sky Sessions

WIFTI Blue Sky Session

Join us for our Blue Sky Sessions!

This month, we are hosting two coffee chats themed around a Blue Sky thinking. All chapters are welcome to join and share their ideas for WIFTI’s future. What would you like WIFTI to do, what do be for your chapter?

We believe that the strength of WIFTI comes from the strength of every member of every chapter. So every year, we want to know, what YOUR idea of a global network of sisters is.

Apart from sharing your visions, you’ll get to meet our sisters from all around the world!

Both coffee chats take place on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Register below for the time zone that suits you best.

Session 1: 9am Central European Time

Session 2: 7pm Central European Time

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

WIFTI x Cannes International Film Festival 2021

WIFTI x Cannes International Film Festival 2021

wifti x pavillon afrique cannes

Producing & Social Impact with Pavillon Afriques in Cannes

We are delighted to be co-hosting a conversation with Pavillon Afriques at the Cannes International Film Festival. 

Our moderator Inya Lawal, WIFTI board member and President of WIFT Africa, will speak to Tope Oshin (Nigeria), Joyce Pierpoline (US), Didahr Dohmeri (France) and Nangita Pritish Nandy (India).

The conversation will explore the journey and growth of successful producers in the film/tv and digital industry with a key focus on how they use their knowledge and position to positively impact upcoming creatives. The panelists will share nuggets on building a career and tips that helped them rise or overcome career difficulties. The conversation will also touch on the mutual benefits of mentorship; and the benefits of psychosocial support, career guidance and role modelling for protégés.

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WIFTI Worldwide Webinar with Christin Baker

WIFTI Worldwide Webinar with Christin Baker

webinar with christin baker

Producing, Distributing & Social Impact with Christin Baker


// How to put underrepresented topics on the radar? What is it like to get your own production company and streaming service off the ground? How to find investors for your indie project? 

In this highly interactive webinar, we will meet Christin Baker who is an award-winning director, Emmy-nominated producer andchristin baker owner of Tello Films. Tello focuses on lesbian/queer content and is the first lesbian/queer network to receive an Emmy Nomination. The series Secs & EXECS has received a 2017 Emmy Nomination for Mindy Sterling, Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy/Drama Series. In 2019 the series “Riley Parra” received 2 Emmy nominations for actresses Liz Vassey and Carolyn Ratteray.

Christin is passionate about telling relevant and meaningful original stories. Tello Films is the leader in distributing and creating original content (features, shorts and series) as well as creating a platform for monetizing niche entertainment. Christin was awarded Best Director for her work on Maybelle at the 2016 London Raindance Film Festival and is a member of the Producers Guild of America as well as the Television Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Join us for an inspiring talk on how to make your dreams reality!

christin baker wifti

Date: 14th June, 2021

Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm CET


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