Visual Cues: WFT Ireland’s Jaro Waldeck In Conversation with UK Stills Photographer Chiabella James

Visual Cues: WFT Ireland’s Jaro Waldeck In Conversation with UK Stills Photographer Chiabella James

The image is a powerful emotive tool. Join this webinar next week, Tuesday 20th of February, for an online discussion where WFT Ireland Board Member and DOP Jaro Waldeck will be in conversation with UK Film Still Photographer Chiabella James (Dreamgirls, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) discussing everything from career to composition. 

Time: Tuesday 20th February, 2 pm
Where: Zoom
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This event has been made possible through the support of Coimisiún na Meán.

Chiabella James is also a speaker at the RENDR Festival in Belfast on 1st March 2024, for which WFT members have an exclusive 20% discount code! WFT Members interested in getting tickets, email us at for the code.

About Chiabella James

Born in London and raised between England and the United States, Chiabella lives and works in both countries. As the daughter of a unit stills photographer, she grew up learning the craft under his guidance, spending summers working with him on film sets like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and Minority Report. 

While studying at the University of California, Santa Barbara, she continued to work in photography by assisting on features like Memoirs of a Geisha and Dreamgirls, but chose to explore other avenues of film production and spent the next 10 years working in production both on set and at the studio. During that time she kept her hands on the camera creating her own art and shooting for a non profit dance company in Los Angeles from which some of her fine art photography was featured as a finalist in the Art Takes Times Square exhibition in 2012 and published in LifeForce


A series of events led Chiabella back to London and returned her to on set photography alongside her father on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The two worked together for the next few years as a unique on set stills duo on films like Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and the Mission Impossible franchise.

 Since then, Chiabella’s varied film and editorial portfolio has been published in major international outlets like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Empire and ICG magazine. 

In 2022 and again in 2023, Chiabella was nominated for the ICG Excellence in Stills Award predominantly for her work on Dune and King Richard.  Her most recently published film photography includes that of Saltburn, the upcoming Bob Marley biopic One Love and the Dune, The Photography: Part One coffee table book. Chiabella has just completed production on Heads of State and The Cleaner, while also shooting editorials and pursuing her own photographic series’ including a self published book, Masquerade, inspired by the Covid 19 pandemic and cultural unrest it brought to surface in the last year that was sold to raise funds for mental health.


WIFT Finland announces new Executive Director

WIFT Finland announces new Executive Director

WIFT Finland announced that Reetta Ranta (MA) started in mid-January as the new Executive Director of the chapter.

Reetta Ranta is a storyteller, executive coach, and media entrepreneur. Reetta has worked in various leadership roles over 25 years in media with several startups and media companies including Gutsy Animations, Rabbit Films, and The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. She has been working with brand extensions into digital and helped Finnish brands grow internationally, including Moominvalley animation, Habbo, and The Dudesons.

Currently, she leads Power Animals United, a family business that produces innovative and inspiring content that combines outdoor adventure, mythology, and storytelling. The company’s flagship TV series, Back to Nature, has been sold to several countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Reetta is also known for sauna ritual events called Sauna Sisters and her new book Timeless Nordic Rituals, released in 2023 in Finnish and will be published in English later this year.


Photo credits: Flatlight Films

NYWIFT/BAM Science in Motion Screening Series

NYWIFT/BAM Science in Motion Screening Series

In a new partnership, New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) are thrilled to present a collection of groundbreaking contemporary films that delve into science and technology in the modern world. These urgent documentaries and empowering fictions take us from the depths of outer space to the on-the-ground action of a Hasidic women-run ambulance corps and beyond.

The series runs Tuesdays at 7 PM at BAM, February 6 – March 12. All are free and open to the public.

Films include To the End (Rachel Lears), Space: The Longest Goodbye (Ido Mizrahy), My Love Affair with Marriage (Signe Baumane), Every Body (Julie Cohen), 93Queen (Paula Eiselt), Chilly & Milly (William D. Caballero), and Over-Flow (Elizabeth Ramjit). 

Join NYWIFT on Tuesdays at 7 PM at BAM for six weeks of free STEM-focused screenings, followed by Q&A’s with the filmmakers. Reserve tickets here

WFT Ireland Webinar: Jack Murphy In Conversation with WIFT Trans* Founder Theo Lindberg

WFT Ireland Webinar: Jack Murphy In Conversation with WIFT Trans* Founder Theo Lindberg

WFT Ireland, in partnership with WIFT International, is delighted to host this discussion between WIFT Sweden Board Member Theo Lindberg and Irish Actor Jack Murphy! 

Date: 19th March, 2024

Time: 2:30pm

This webinar is open to all WIFTI members! You can register your place here

This talk has been made possible with the support of Screen Ireland’s Stakeholder Fund.

About Theo Lindberg

Theo Lindberg is the first trans person to be a board member of WIFT Sweden. He started an international network for trans/non-binary people called Trans & Nonbinary Film Network. Theo also organised and launched a campaign called 10% for 50/50, where WIFT in collaboration with Chimney started an initiative to give film productions with representation (in front of the camera and behind it) a discount at companies working with film productions. Additionally, Theo has volunteered at the Sundance Film Festival several years during his time at SFSU. He has worked in the film industry since his graduation from film school in 2003. He is also a parent, cat owner, space nerd, and his love affair with films started with the purchase of a VHS-machine in the 80s. 


About Jack Murphy

Jack Shaun Murphy became the first trans character / actor in an Irish soap opera in history, Fair City in 2017. Coming from an acting background, at just 8 years old Jack starred in Brendan O’Carroll’s film ‘The Mammy’ in 1998 as a stand-in for two scenes for Agnes’s daughter Cathy, working alongside Angelica Huston and Tom Jones. In 2020, Jack played a lead role in Patricia Kelly of Mnà Mnà Films and Anna Czarska of Stickytape Productions’ Short Film Cost You Nothing as Alex, a trans man whose mother is not at all understanding of his transition and journey. WFT Board Member Jaro Waldeck was cinematographer for the film. Jack won the ‘Honourable Mention Award’ at the Waterford Film Festival, as the Short Film was screened all around the world in film festivals. Jack has been a voluntary member of St. John Ambulance since he was 17, now at 33 he is a Qualified Emergency First Responder, doing duties in the Aviva, RDS, Croke Park and many other locations around Dublin.

WIFT Australia and Screen Australia Gender Matters Task Force Announce Mentorship Program

WIFT Australia and Screen Australia Gender Matters Task Force Announce Mentorship Program

WIFT Australia and Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Taskforce introduce ElevateUs. Building on the success of previous collaborations, Gender Matters Connect and WIFT’s MentorHer, ElevateUs will nurture talent, foster diversity, and extend its reach internationally in 2024.

ElevateUs will run for three months, offering a structured framework including regular mentorship sessions, panel events, and exclusive industry insights. Prospective Mentors are invited to complete a Mentor Registration form, while all women and gender-diverse practitioners in the Australian screen industry, regardless of their area of interest or skill level, are similarly encouraged to apply to participate as a mentee. There is no cost for participation and the details of the program can be found online along with the registration forms at

Following WIFT Australia’s recently announced partnership with Stage 32, the US-based online platform that connects and educates the global entertainment industry, they will play a significant role in ElevateUs, providing a variety of mentors from top organisations such as Amazon Studios, Warner Bros., and the Verve Talent & Literary Agency.

Liz Tomkins, Chair of the Board at WIFT Australia said, “Through this program, we aim to create meaningful connections between emerging talents and established professionals, sculpting a future where diversity and inclusivity are the bedrock of success and ushering in positive, lasting change within the industry.”

With the support of the Gender Matters Taskforce, Stage32, Screen NSW, Screen Tasmania, Screen Territory, and the Cuthill Family Foundation, ElevateUs promises to provide mentees with unparalleled access to experienced mentors, offering guidance, industry insights, and practical advice tailored to the mentees’ specific career goals, whether above the line, below the line or in adjacent industries such as distribution and marketing. The program aims to connect talents at all levels within the industry, offering a unique platform for knowledge sharing, relationship building, and professional development.

Read more about the program and the announced mentors here. 

WIFT at Berlinale 2024: Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times

WIFT at Berlinale 2024: Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times

Women in Film and TV Germany is set to host an event titled “Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times” on 17th February 2024 from 10AM to 12:30PM at the Berlinale. WIFT Members of all chapters are welcome.

Looking at the world today, there seem to be new crises emerging daily – war, climate change, flight and displacement, and the resurgence of the far-right. All too often, women are the ones who suffer the most; they are killed, raped, and silenced. But women are also game changers, often fighting for a fairer, better, more sustainable world, be it as activists, politicians, or artists. They won’t be overlooked anymore. Within this context, this event wants to question what the role of film and filmmakers can be in these trembling times. WIFT Germany welcomes four incredible women, who will share how they handle crisis situations and how this shapes the films they make, via three short impulse lectures. Between the lectures, attendees will have time to network and get to know inspiring women in film & TV from all around the world. WIFT Germany is looking forward to engaging with our speakers and audience, and to fighting against division by standing together.

Interested members who wish to participate are kindly asked to send an e-mail to

Participation is only possible after registration and with a valid ticket.
Please note that the number of tickets is limited.

Registration for the event for non-members is possible from February 10th with a limited number of tickets available.