We’re excited to launch our brand new WIFTI Talks —

— a series of live and online talks on gender equality in the film industry with researchers from all over the world.

Established by Women in Film & Television International, the WIFTI Talks are a series of live and online talks to crack the nut of how to make the film industry more gender-balanced. With international scholars from the gender, media and film studies field, we gather knowledge, different perspectives and daring ideas on how to address inequality that might lead us even beyond gender and film. It’s time to talk, to tackle the intricacies of this complex problem, and to make change together!

The series will be launched in Malmö (Sweden) on May 14, 2019 with a live event featuring Anna Backman Rogers (University of Göteborg), Ingrid Ryberg (University of Göteborg), Mariah Larsson (Linnaeus University) and Lucas Gottzén (University of Stockholm) who will share their perspectives in 10-minute talks, followed by a panel discussion. With them and with you, we want to address change and the future in a dynamic, fun and inclusive way! WIFTI President Helene Granqvist and project leader Regina Mosch will lead through the evening.

After May 14, we will also release online videos on a regular basis where researchers share their insights, questions and ideas on how to achieve gender equality. Our mission is to develop a global collective of knowledge, accessible to anyone!

Calling to all researchers all over the world to join in and share your knowledge!

Please get in touch with assistant@wifti.net for more information.

For the event in Malmö, check our Facebook event page and reserve a spot on eventbrite.