There have been exciting developments within our WIFTI structure! Through a fund received by WIFT Sweden, we are able to launch our WIFTI Impact initiative which will gather tools and strategies to make sustainable change in the industry. Our existing projects WIFTI Talks, 10% for 50/50, WIFTI channel on Herflix and our groundbreaking conference CARLA 2020 are now grouped together under this new umbrella.

It also allowed us to appoint a membership and communication officer for two years. We’re very happy to have Regina Mosch work with us on building structured and strong foundations for our network. Regina is the person behind much of the communication for WIFTI and will handle global membership and outreach for the next two years! You can reach her here:  

Regina is a filmmaker and curator based in Scotland and Sweden. She is the co-director of the Copenhagen Web Fest, an audacious festival promoting innovative serial storytelling and new media, and travels with both WIFTI and her own work to festivals around the world.