Wifti Talks

We’re happy to have launch the brand-new WIFTI Talks, a series of informal talks with researchers from all over the world that get to the bottom of how to make the film industry more gender balanced.

We want to gather knowledge from all corners of the world, illuminate different sides of the problem and different perspectives to solve it — and make this knowledge inclusive and accessible to anyone. This will be developed into a global collective of researchers and knowledge.

The WIFTI talks are informal videos where researchers share their thoughts on what we need to make the film industry more gender-balanced and sustainable from the perspective of their own research. 3-4 times a year, WIFTI will also host live events and invite researchers and audiences to a constructive conversation. Please get in touch if you want to be part of it.

WIFTI Talks – Make change as a collective
From our launch in Malmö, Sweden on 14th May 2019

WIFTI Talk // with Stefanie van de Peer
“One of the problems is that we view the film industry as an industry, and not as an art form.“
Stefanie van de Peer
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (UK)
WIFTI Talk // with Ingrid Ryberg
“We must be cautious not to let the success story or myth about gender equality in Swedish film disguise remaining problems and injustices!”
Ingrid Ryberg
University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
from our launch in Malmö, Sweden
WIFTI Talk // with Maryam Ghorbankarimi
“We need infrastructural and cultural change!”
Maryam Ghorbankarimi
Lancaster University (UK)
WIFTI Speech // with Helene Granqvist
“We may have different jobs, different perspectives and different methods. But we all share a common goal: make change for female filmmakers!”
Helene Granqvist
President of WIFTI
at Cannes 2019


WIFTI Speech // with Dame Heather Rabbatts
“Because we know, it is only by our collective action, that we will bring about sustainable change.”
Dame Heather Rabbatts
Chairwoman of Time’s Up
at Cannes 2019
WIFTI Talk // with Mariah Larsson
“Why do young men like to watch themselves behave really badly, and then get their asses kicked?”
Mariah Larsson
Linnaeus University (Sweden)
from our launch in Malmö, Sweden 


WIFTI Talk // with Lucas Gottzén
“Boys’ bedrooms have become places filled with anxiety.”
Lucas Gottzén
Stockholm University (Sweden)
from our launch in Malmö, Sweden