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Letter from Anna Serner to WIFT members

Following our open letter thanking Anna Serner for her decade-long work for gender equality, Anna has sent us a response, amongst others also drawing on the Swedish Film Institute’s latest Facts & Figures report. Their work is beyond inspiring, but also nowhere near finished as Anna humbly acknowledges.

Read the report here.

Dear WIFT members,

I am proud to present Facts & Figures 2020, our yearly report providing a comprehensive insight into film in Sweden today. As you know, 2020 was a very challenging year for all of us. It affected the whole industry, Sweden included. Still, when it comes to gender equality things looked brighter.

The share of Swedish feature-length fiction films with funding from our commissioners that were directed by a woman was at 64%, with the same percentage for films with a female producer, and films with a female screenwriter was at 57%. Also, Swedish feature films released in 2020 had as many female leads as male leads, and 59% of all the feature-length fiction films of last year passed the Bechdel test. With this said, there is still a lot of inequalities when we put our intersectional glasses on. Gender equality means equality for all women, disregarding skin colour, sexual orientation, age etc, and it should apply to all budgets and genres.

I am still overwhelmed and deeply touched by your letter following my notice of resignation a few weeks ago. Thank you again, and thanks for all the work you do – every day. As I’ve said to some of you, I will stick around for another six month and I hope our paths will cross many times before and after that.

Warmest regards,
Anna Serner
CEO, The Swedish Film Institute