WFT Ireland, in partnership with WIFT International, is delighted to host this discussion between WIFT Sweden Board Member Theo Lindberg and Irish Actor Jack Murphy! 

Date: 19th March, 2024

Time: 2:30pm

This webinar is open to all WIFTI members! You can register your place here

This talk has been made possible with the support of Screen Ireland’s Stakeholder Fund.

About Theo Lindberg

Theo Lindberg is the first trans person to be a board member of WIFT Sweden. He started an international network for trans/non-binary people called Trans & Nonbinary Film Network. Theo also organised and launched a campaign called 10% for 50/50, where WIFT in collaboration with Chimney started an initiative to give film productions with representation (in front of the camera and behind it) a discount at companies working with film productions. Additionally, Theo has volunteered at the Sundance Film Festival several years during his time at SFSU. He has worked in the film industry since his graduation from film school in 2003. He is also a parent, cat owner, space nerd, and his love affair with films started with the purchase of a VHS-machine in the 80s. 


About Jack Murphy

Jack Shaun Murphy became the first trans character / actor in an Irish soap opera in history, Fair City in 2017. Coming from an acting background, at just 8 years old Jack starred in Brendan O’Carroll’s film ‘The Mammy’ in 1998 as a stand-in for two scenes for Agnes’s daughter Cathy, working alongside Angelica Huston and Tom Jones. In 2020, Jack played a lead role in Patricia Kelly of Mnà Mnà Films and Anna Czarska of Stickytape Productions’ Short Film Cost You Nothing as Alex, a trans man whose mother is not at all understanding of his transition and journey. WFT Board Member Jaro Waldeck was cinematographer for the film. Jack won the ‘Honourable Mention Award’ at the Waterford Film Festival, as the Short Film was screened all around the world in film festivals. Jack has been a voluntary member of St. John Ambulance since he was 17, now at 33 he is a Qualified Emergency First Responder, doing duties in the Aviva, RDS, Croke Park and many other locations around Dublin.