This February at the Berlinale, WIFT Germany held a powerful series of talks titled “Between Escapism, Activism and Documentation – Filmmaking in Trembling Times”. These examined the world today, where there seem to be new crises emerging daily – war, climate change, flight and displacement, and the resurgence of the far-right. All too often, women are the ones who suffer the most.

In this podcast episode, WFT Ireland Member Gemma Creagh speaks with WIFT Germany and WIFTI Board Member and actor Mara Luka who talks about their vast chapter, the film industry in Germany, and WIFT’s close ties to the Berlinale Festival.

Then in a live recording from the event, outgoing Berlinale Executive Director Mariëtte Rissenbeek talks about WIFT’s relationship to the festival while Producer Zhang Fan from Bridging the Dragon discusses the film landscape in China.

This recording and podcast was made possible with the support of Coimisiún na Meán, WIFT Germany and the Berlinale.

Keep an eye out for part two where WFT Ireland Chair and WIFT International President Dr Susan Liddy speaks with Ukrainian Filmmaker Julia Sinkevych about an important study on Gender-Based Violence on German Television.