wifti and we are warming uo
WIFTI Worldwide Webinars in collaboration with We Are Warming Up

 We are stoked about this collaboration between our WIFTI Worldwide webinars and Warming Up Storylab to continue our focus on climate change and the film world.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for our members to learn more about sustainability and storytelling”, says WIFTI President Helene Granqvist.

we are warming up lab


The lab is part of We Are Warming Up, a movement inviting film & tv creatives to engage with climate change in profound, inspiring and actionable ways. Warming Up Storylab aims to provide creatives with the cools, network and community to do just that. 

As storytellers we hold a powerful key to engaging a wide audience with climate change in a meaningful, entertaining and actionable way. The urgency of which, after a bone dry and wildfire ridden summer, hardly needs stressing. Apart from sustainable production, our biggest impact comes through the stories we tell.

So let’s get to it! Join this year’s Warming Up Storylab, which will be a crash course on working with climate change in new, powerful and entertaining ways. This fantastic line up of speakers will leave you inspired by the opportunities this dire moment in time holds for us storytellers.