wifti worldwide pitch
Invitation to all member networks for WIFTI Worldwide Pitch


Dedicated to the impact of our global community
Based on the belief of making us all love & live
In a peaceful environment


WIFTI hereby invites every chapter worldwide to contribute with one project each to be pitched at a global WIFTI Worldwide Online Pitch Event on December 12, 2022.

The selected projects must meet the following –

• be female or non-binary character driven
• be in early script, treatment or long synopsis development stage with female or non-binary writer, director and preferably a producer attached

• only WIFTI member chapters can submit
• only one fiction feature project can be submitted per chapter
• WIFTI chapters make their own selection process to find their contributing project
• WIFTI chapters are responsible for uploading pitch video file and sending all non-video materials of their selected project (see Checklist) at the latest by deadline 
November 20th 2022

• 2-3 min. video pitch (all files must be named as follows: 
name of chapter_project title);
• short synopsis – half page A4/size 12 text;
• short story motivation – half page A4/size 12 text;
• moodboard – 1 page;
• short 100 word bio for each project team member (writer, director, producer);
• all these documents are to be collected in one file
• an ‘Acceptance & Contact Form’ must be signed by invited applicants giving WIFTI the rights to review their projects and share the materials.

How to submit:
If your chapter is interested in submitting a project, write to Regina at regina@wifti.net to request the submission form and link to uploading platform.


Each chapter is encouraged to promote diversity and fairness in their local selection processes.

For their pitch videos, projects are encouraged to identify and address possible aspects of inclusion, otherness, sustainability and equality in their stories.

The individual pitch video content must mainly focus on motivation (why you/why now), story core and the audience vision and context of the project.

It’s mandatory for every WIFTI chapter that presents a project to be pitched, to also present a high-profile person or a decision-maker (producer, financier, sales agent, distributor, studio rep, etc.) who commits to attend as an active pitch peer at the WIFTI Worldwide Pitch in mid December (date tba).

The aim of hosting this worldwide pitch event is to give global visibility and peer support to the participating projects.


For questions about The WIFTI Worldwide Pitch, please reach out to WIFTI Board Member & Co-Chair of WIFTI Industry Committee Tsiako Abezadze on tsiako@wiftcaucasus.org 


Kind regards,

Helene Granqvist
WIFTI President
On Behalf of WIFTI Industry Committee