wifti worldwide webinar bunny yan
WIFTI Worldwide Webinar with Bunny Yan in conversation with Imogen Ross

WIFTI Sustainability Conversation #2: Sustainable Wardrobe & Set – Tips & Tricks that will save you money & the environment

December 2, 9am CET / 6pm AEST / 7pm AEDT

Join us for this conversation with sustainability expert turn fashion storyteller Bunny Yan, presented in collaboration with WIFT Australia. Bunny will be in conversation with moderator Imogen Ross.

Bunny Yan created an award-winning digital series that focuses on the fascinating side of impact-positive fashion. Combining 20+ years of knowledge with her magnetic personality she delivers a world of cool transformations, daring technologies, surprising materials and boundless potential. Her superpower: Storytelling based on human emotion & behaviour aka making boring stuff fun.

Imogen Ross is a production/set/costume designer and visual artist/maker of many things based in the Illawarra on Australia’s east coast. Collaboration, imagination, and integration of complex ideas with diverse cultural narratives is her speciality. She is a proud member of the APDG (Australian Production Design Guild) and is the current Environmental Sustainability writer for the APDG quarterly newsletter, researching and promoting sustainable choices as design options for both live performance and screen designers across Australia. See: https://apdg.org.au/2021/09/apdgreen-conversations-ecoscenography-linking-sustainable-practises-across-international-borders

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