Autumn Programme of WIFTI Worldwide Webinars in collaboration with Netflix


We are excited about a new collaboration with Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity which gives us the opportunity to run a series of industry workshops this autumn. The workshops will revolve around Netflix as a gate opener for storytelling and new voices.

This initiative is a space for our members to network and was created with the ambition to foster possibilities for entering the fast-paced, dynamic story market. Our goal is to help the unique voices of our members to reach the world.

“We are delighted that Netflix acknowledges the importance of a network like WIFTI and understands the need to support new voices entering the ecosystem“, says Helene Granqvist, President of WIFT International.

This work emanates from the work of the WIFTI Industry Committee led by board members Tsiako Abesadze (WIFT Caucasus) and Brigitte Monneau (FCTMN Montreal). Thanks to them for their hard work!


wifti worldwide webinar with chris mack

Chris will delve into what exactly makes a television pitch work at Netflix. In this tailor-made workshop, he’ll discuss the essentials you’ll need to catch Netflix’s eye and will zero in on how to write an effective pitch document. He’ll pose questions you’ll be able to answer and communicate for your series and give you ideas on how best to communicate your show’s overview, world, tone, and characters. Chris will then discuss how season summaries should be built and give you ideas on how to think about and present potential episodes. Finally, you will have the invaluable opportunity to ask Chris your own questions. 

You will leave this presentation with the understanding of how to structure and present your series, not in theory, but directly from the source.

To maximize impact, prior to attending the workshop, please watch the Spiderman Multiverse, Two Popes, and Gladiator.


wifti worldwide webinar with teresa moneo

In this interactive Q&A session, Teresa Moneo will share her own journey, answer questions and give advice touching on the Netflix ecosystem.

There will be a link to send questions in advance to Teresa in the September newsletter. The conversation will be moderated by WIFTI president Helene Granqvist.