Monitoring Diversity

In a collaboration with Ceretai, Herflix, WIFTI and SF Studios, we are running a project funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova to investigate norms on the big screen. The goal of the project is to implement technical solutions to drive change towards increased diversity, and to investigate ways for the film industry to monetise on this.

Within the scope of the project, Ceretai will carry out automatic analysis of hundreds of feature films using their software, and will also strive to create a label for movies that break the norm.

Ceretai wants to:
1. Offer free equality and diversity analysis on feature films.
2. Set up partnerships where we provide diversity data to producers/distributors, get feedback on the data’s usability, and jointly investigate monetisation opportunities.

Read more on Ceretai’s homepage.

Herflix is a proud partner with Ceretai & WIFTI to present the important results of this initiative on the WIFTI Channel – streamed worldwide on the Herflix OnDemand Movie Theater.

We can announce that if you are a member of any WIFT Chapter, that is a paid up member of WIFTI, both your features and shorts, new or old, have a welcome home on the WIFTI Channel, where you can share your work with fellow members and viewers worldwide.

For information on submissions, please contact

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