wifti summit 2022
New WIFTI Board elected on August 22


We are delighted to introduce the new WIFTI Board to you, which was elected at the General Assembly on August 22. For the first time in WIFTI history, we are represented on all six continents, a big moment for our network!

The new and returning members cannot wait to begin the work of growing and strengthening our networks around the world. They look forward to being in touch with you all virtually and in-person.



Sarah Inya Lawal, WIFT Africa        

Ajoke Silva, Forum of Women and Film and TV Nigeria 

Rubaiyat Hossain, WIFT Bangladesh 

Tsiako Abezadze, WIFT Caucasus 

Susan Brinton, WIFT Vancouver (Vice President)  

Brigitte Monneau, FCTMN Montreal

Helene Granqvist, WIFT Sweden (President) 

Nicole Ackermann, WIFT Germany (Treasurer)

Susan Liddy, WFT Ireland 

Patricia Watson, WIFT New Zealand (Vice President) 

Katrina Graham, WIFT Australia

Nerissa Scott, WIFV New England 



Serena Mmifinyana, Women in Film Guild Botswana

Marjaana Mykkänen, WIFT Finland 

Domizia De Rosa, WIFTM Italy

Katerina Kaskanioti, WIFT Greece

Osnat Bukofzer, WIFT Israel

Nadean Rawlins, WIFT Jamaica

Susana Campos, WIFT Brazil 

Cynthia Lopez, New York WIFT

Kirsten Schaffer, WIF Los Angeles