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Dear Filmmakers All Over The World

We are all shocked by Russia’s brutal attack on independent Ukraine, but our indignation should be backed up by concrete, responsible help for our Ukrainian sisters and brothers. Poland has become a natural place of refuge for many of them. Among them are also professionals working in film industry, majority of whom are women. They need a housing, food, basic necessities and also mental health services. In the future, we need to help them to return to work in their professions.

Polish film organizations are trying to provide help on an ongoing basis and work in cooperation with Ukrainian friends. First of all, our sisters and brothers need to rest. They often wait up to four days at the border. We are creating a list of organizations, companies and individuals that can provide refugees with temporary and later permanent housing. We are also creating a database of those who can later hire them in various film professions, who can also provide language lessons and professional skills for other markets. The Polish film industry is relatively small, so the help of filmmakers from all over the world will certainly be needed.

Many inhabitants of Ukraine fled as they were, without documents and money. We can help with the process of immigration paperwork now, even if they would like to move on.

We must remember that there are many filmmakers in Ukraine who do not want to flee. Who want to stay in Ukraine and provide us with documentary eyewitness accounts, cataloging the impact of the Russian invasion. Knowing how many influential people there are in the film world, they write from bunkers in their cities hoping to be heard and appealing to the whole world for help. They count on film industry leaders to pressure on international organizations and politicians, not to wait for the destruction of their country. They plea for support in making Ukraine a member of the European Union and NATO, and not succumb to the blackmail of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

We will send you a list of specific needs and addresses to which you can submit offers of your assistance.

Attached you will find the appeal of Ukrainian filmmakers from the Kyiv metro.

On behalf of Women in Film Poland

Renata Czarnkowska-Listoś