wifti berlinale 2023
WIFTI x Berlinale 2023

For the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival and European Film Market 2023, WIFTI will be hosting, co-hosting and supporting several events. After three years of not meeting in-person in Berlin, we are looking forward to reconnecting with our global community in the German capital.

Several members of the board from Jamaica, USA, Caucasus, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland will be present and available for meetings, chats or friendly catch-ups.


WIFT Germany is hosting their annual Berlinale event on Saturday, 18th February. Meet filmmakers from all over the world in networking sessions and panel discussions!

As filmmakers we get to create our vision of the world and inspire audiences to dream of what might be and to shape their perception of what already is.

But that also means that we have the responsibility to reflect on these stories and on how we tell and present them to maximise their impact. Women’s visions have long been overlooked – now is the time to make them seen.

Date: February 18th from 9.30am to 1pm at the Nordic Embassies.

Join us for this event by Power To Transform which WIFTI is supporting!

The pandemic has brought special challenges for women and for our work towards a gender-balanced film industry. We think is it time and important to both reflect on the past years and to look into the future together: What challenges have women film organizations faced recently and what can a path forward look like?

On top of that, we like to shine a spotlight on the work of women filmmakers in the current crisis areas that are shaking the world. We want to make visible the importance of female voices during crisis and in restrictive systems. Female filmmakers from Iran, Afghanistan and Ukraine are invited and will share their perspectives.

Date: February 17th at the Embassy of Canada to Germany, Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin.