WIFTI Join The Movement

Read the WIFTI Annual Report 2020-21 here


With our fiscal year 2020-21 having ended on August 31, it’s time for our chapters to renew their membership – and for new groups to think about whether they want to join the global movement and become a member of WIFTI.

It’s also the time, where we update you about our growing and evolving organisation. Find our annual report here and read more about our projects of the past year, amongst others:


  • March 8 Short Film Showcase to celebrate International Women’s Day
  • Nordic Women in Film which strengthened our Nordic-US network
  • New chapters in Bhutan, Israel and China
  • Festival Collaborations with Berlinale and African Pavillon in Cannes


The WIFTI Board thanks you for your support and for your work, we appreciate all your efforts, as they will inevitably make the next generation’s lives better!

Read the Annual Report 2020-21 here.