If you are the President of an active WIFT International Chapter or Affiliate Organisation please get in touch with us and fill out an important survey! Dr. Susan Liddy, WIFTI President and WFT Ireland Chair shares:

“Today, with the support of WIF LA we are embarking on a survey that will yield important information about our chapters and affiliate organisations, for the benefit of all. The hope is that it will help us understand how we’re doing, what we have achieved, what we’d like to achieve, and the tools we need to make it happen. I think it will help us steer a path towards an even brighter tomorrow. They say knowledge is power – let us share our knowledge now and become stronger together.

The survey is short and will only take 12 minutes of your time. Given your extraordinary commitment to WIFTI and to a vision of a gender equal, inclusive and diverse industry I feel sure you will invest that time.

I send you thanks and appreciation in advance. We will be sharing the results and I hope it will be the source of many interesting strategic discussions in the months ahead.”

Chapters and Affiliate Organisations – check your inbox for a link to the survey. If you haven’t received one yet – email us at info@wft.ie. Please note this survey is intended for the President (or Head) of your organisation.