WIFT International announces new President

WIFT International announces new President

WIFTI new president announcement
WIFTI announces new president

On Thursday 17 November Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) announced the election of a new President following a meeting of the Board of Directors. Chair of WFT Ireland, Dr. Susan Liddy, will step into the role that has been occupied by Swedish producer Helen Granqvist since 2018. The two women will work together for the coming months as Co-Presidents until Dr. Liddy assumes the helm in August 2023.

Welcoming Dr. Liddy to her new role, Ms. Granqvist said: “I’m looking forward to sharing the leadership of WIFTI with Dr. Liddy during the transition period. Susan is a researcher and I am a practitioner but we are both activists who work strategically for change. I couldn’t wish for someone better to take over the leadership for WIFTI! “

Speaking about her appointment Dr. Liddy said: “I’m honoured to be chosen to lead WIFTI in the years ahead and I look forward to working with our international colleagues, in uniting chapters and affiliated organisations, to elevate and amplify the role of women in film and television. I salute Helen Granqvist who has worked tirelessly to build a global organisation that is united in a vision of female empowerment and advancement. Our goal remains firm: to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the screen industries everywhere.”

The WIFTI Board also paid tribute to Ms. Granqvist for her service and dedication to the promotion of women in the screen industries: “Since her election as President of WIFTI in 2018 Helene Granqvist has positioned WFTI as a global influencer. During her tenure the organisation spread across six continents and has a diverse Board drawn from all the chapters and affiliate organisations”.


WIFTI new president announcement


Dr. Susan Liddy has led WFT Ireland as Chair since 2018. In addition to her work with WFT Dr. Liddy serves on the board of the Irish Film Institute, the Writers Guild of Ireland and Raising Films Ireland. She lectures in the Department of Media and Communication Studies in MIC, University of Limerick. Dr.Liddy is the Founder and Director of Catalyst International Film Festival, Limerick – a festival that prioritises films from underrepresented groups, in front of and behind the camera.
Her research includes Women in the Irish Film Industry: Stories and Storytellers (ed) (Cork University Press, 2020); Women in the International Film Industry: Policy, Practice and Power (ed.) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020); Media Work, Mothers and Motherhood: Negotiating the International Audio-Visual Industry (co-ed) (Routledge, 2021). She has co-authored two industry reports: for the BAI and Raising Films Ireland and, with Fergal Rhatigan, is currently researching the working culture in the Irish Screen industries for a WFT research project, funded by Screen Ireland. Her collection Women, Ageing and the Screen Industries: ‘Falling Off a Cliff’? (ed. Palgrave Macmillan) will be published in February 2023.

About Women in Film and Television International
Women in Film and Television International is a coalition of Women in Film Chapters as well as other women’s media organizations around the world. There are more than 50 WIFT and WIFT-partner chapters on six continents – all working for the same goal: gender balance in the media industry.

WIFTI was established as the global network connecting all Women in Film organizations to speak with one common voice. The strength of WIFTI is based on the strength coming from every member of every chapter all around the world. Together we make change!

Board of WIFTI members: Co-Chairs Susan Liddy, WFT Ireland and Helene Granqvist, WIFT Sweden
Board members: Sarah Inya Lawal, WIFT Africa; Ajoke Silva, Forum of Women and Film and TV Nigeria; Rubaiyat Hossain, WIFT Bangladesh; Tsiako Abezadze, WIFT Caucasus; Susan Brinton, WIFT Vancouver; Brigitte Monneau, FCTMN Montreal; Nicole Ackermann, WIFT Germany; Patricia Watson, WIFT New Zealand; Katrina Graham, WIFT Australia; Nerissa Scott, WIFV New England; Serena Mmifinyana, Women in Film Guild Botswana; Marjaana Mykkänen, WIFT Finland; Domizia De Rosa, WIFTM Italy; Katerina Kaskanioti, WIFT Greece; Osnat Bukofzer, WIFT Israel; Nadean Rawlins, WIFT Jamaica; Susana Campos, WIFT Brazil; Cynthia Lopez, New York WIFT and Kirsten Schaffer, WIF Los Angeles.

Press contacts:
Kate Bowe, Bowe Communications – 086 267 5018


Invitation to all member networks for WIFTI Worldwide Pitch

Invitation to all member networks for WIFTI Worldwide Pitch

wifti worldwide pitch
Invitation to all member networks for WIFTI Worldwide Pitch


Dedicated to the impact of our global community
Based on the belief of making us all love & live
In a peaceful environment


WIFTI hereby invites every chapter worldwide to contribute with one project each to be pitched at a global WIFTI Worldwide Online Pitch Event on December 12, 2022.

The selected projects must meet the following –

• be female or non-binary character driven
• be in early script, treatment or long synopsis development stage with female or non-binary writer, director and preferably a producer attached

• only WIFTI member chapters can submit
• only one fiction feature project can be submitted per chapter
• WIFTI chapters make their own selection process to find their contributing project
• WIFTI chapters are responsible for uploading pitch video file and sending all non-video materials of their selected project (see Checklist) at the latest by deadline 
November 20th 2022

• 2-3 min. video pitch (all files must be named as follows: 
name of chapter_project title);
• short synopsis – half page A4/size 12 text;
• short story motivation – half page A4/size 12 text;
• moodboard – 1 page;
• short 100 word bio for each project team member (writer, director, producer);
• all these documents are to be collected in one file
• an ‘Acceptance & Contact Form’ must be signed by invited applicants giving WIFTI the rights to review their projects and share the materials.

How to submit:
If your chapter is interested in submitting a project, write to Regina at regina@wifti.net to request the submission form and link to uploading platform.


Each chapter is encouraged to promote diversity and fairness in their local selection processes.

For their pitch videos, projects are encouraged to identify and address possible aspects of inclusion, otherness, sustainability and equality in their stories.

The individual pitch video content must mainly focus on motivation (why you/why now), story core and the audience vision and context of the project.

It’s mandatory for every WIFTI chapter that presents a project to be pitched, to also present a high-profile person or a decision-maker (producer, financier, sales agent, distributor, studio rep, etc.) who commits to attend as an active pitch peer at the WIFTI Worldwide Pitch in mid December (date tba).

The aim of hosting this worldwide pitch event is to give global visibility and peer support to the participating projects.


For questions about The WIFTI Worldwide Pitch, please reach out to WIFTI Board Member & Co-Chair of WIFTI Industry Committee Tsiako Abezadze on tsiako@wiftcaucasus.org 


Kind regards,

Helene Granqvist
WIFTI President
On Behalf of WIFTI Industry Committee

WIFTI Worldwide Webinars and We Are Warming Up

WIFTI Worldwide Webinars and We Are Warming Up

wifti and we are warming uo
WIFTI Worldwide Webinars in collaboration with We Are Warming Up

 We are stoked about this collaboration between our WIFTI Worldwide webinars and Warming Up Storylab to continue our focus on climate change and the film world.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for our members to learn more about sustainability and storytelling”, says WIFTI President Helene Granqvist.

we are warming up lab


The lab is part of We Are Warming Up, a movement inviting film & tv creatives to engage with climate change in profound, inspiring and actionable ways. Warming Up Storylab aims to provide creatives with the cools, network and community to do just that. 

As storytellers we hold a powerful key to engaging a wide audience with climate change in a meaningful, entertaining and actionable way. The urgency of which, after a bone dry and wildfire ridden summer, hardly needs stressing. Apart from sustainable production, our biggest impact comes through the stories we tell.

So let’s get to it! Join this year’s Warming Up Storylab, which will be a crash course on working with climate change in new, powerful and entertaining ways. This fantastic line up of speakers will leave you inspired by the opportunities this dire moment in time holds for us storytellers.

Series of Workshops in Collaboration with Netflix

Series of Workshops in Collaboration with Netflix

Autumn Programme of WIFTI Worldwide Webinars in collaboration with Netflix


We are excited about a new collaboration with Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity which gives us the opportunity to run a series of industry workshops this autumn. The workshops will revolve around Netflix as a gate opener for storytelling and new voices.

This initiative is a space for our members to network and was created with the ambition to foster possibilities for entering the fast-paced, dynamic story market. Our goal is to help the unique voices of our members to reach the world.

“We are delighted that Netflix acknowledges the importance of a network like WIFTI and understands the need to support new voices entering the ecosystem“, says Helene Granqvist, President of WIFT International.

This work emanates from the work of the WIFTI Industry Committee led by board members Tsiako Abesadze (WIFT Caucasus) and Brigitte Monneau (FCTMN Montreal). Thanks to them for their hard work!


wifti worldwide webinar with chris mack

Chris will delve into what exactly makes a television pitch work at Netflix. In this tailor-made workshop, he’ll discuss the essentials you’ll need to catch Netflix’s eye and will zero in on how to write an effective pitch document. He’ll pose questions you’ll be able to answer and communicate for your series and give you ideas on how best to communicate your show’s overview, world, tone, and characters. Chris will then discuss how season summaries should be built and give you ideas on how to think about and present potential episodes. Finally, you will have the invaluable opportunity to ask Chris your own questions. 

You will leave this presentation with the understanding of how to structure and present your series, not in theory, but directly from the source.

To maximize impact, prior to attending the workshop, please watch the Spiderman Multiverse, Two Popes, and Gladiator.


wifti worldwide webinar with teresa moneo

In this interactive Q&A session, Teresa Moneo will share her own journey, answer questions and give advice touching on the Netflix ecosystem.

There will be a link to send questions in advance to Teresa in the September newsletter. The conversation will be moderated by WIFTI president Helene Granqvist.


New Board elected

New Board elected

wifti summit 2022
New WIFTI Board elected on August 22


We are delighted to introduce the new WIFTI Board to you, which was elected at the General Assembly on August 22. For the first time in WIFTI history, we are represented on all six continents, a big moment for our network!

The new and returning members cannot wait to begin the work of growing and strengthening our networks around the world. They look forward to being in touch with you all virtually and in-person.



Sarah Inya Lawal, WIFT Africa        

Ajoke Silva, Forum of Women and Film and TV Nigeria 

Rubaiyat Hossain, WIFT Bangladesh 

Tsiako Abezadze, WIFT Caucasus 

Susan Brinton, WIFT Vancouver (Vice President)  

Brigitte Monneau, FCTMN Montreal

Helene Granqvist, WIFT Sweden (President) 

Nicole Ackermann, WIFT Germany (Treasurer)

Susan Liddy, WFT Ireland 

Patricia Watson, WIFT New Zealand (Vice President) 

Katrina Graham, WIFT Australia

Nerissa Scott, WIFV New England 



Serena Mmifinyana, Women in Film Guild Botswana

Marjaana Mykkänen, WIFT Finland 

Domizia De Rosa, WIFTM Italy

Katerina Kaskanioti, WIFT Greece

Osnat Bukofzer, WIFT Israel

Nadean Rawlins, WIFT Jamaica

Susana Campos, WIFT Brazil 

Cynthia Lopez, New York WIFT

Kirsten Schaffer, WIF Los Angeles 

WIFTI Summit 2022

WIFTI Summit 2022

wifti summit 2022
THRIVE at WIFTI Summit 2022

Celebrating the Women in Film & Television International’s 25 year anniversary, the 2022 WIFTI Summit will take place as an online event happening from Lagos/Nigeria on August 30th and 31st, 2022.

This year’s WIFTI summit is the first one on the African continent ever and it will be part of the African Creative Market (ACM), an event that brings major stakeholders in the African and international creative industries together for creative trade.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the WIFTI Summit will hold as an online event with a delegation of WIFTI members in Lagos while members of WIFT chapters all over the world connect online for talks, networking, and panels.

His Imperial Majesty the Ooni of Ife is supporting the WIFTI Summit as we explore cross-cultural storytelling.

Our ongoing goal for the annual WIFTI event is to strengthen every single member within our thriving global network so the programming of the 2022 Summit will be as inclusive and multifaceted as always while honouring our 25th anniversary.

For questions about the Summit, please contact Nicole Ackermann nicole.ackermann@mounamouna.com or Inya Lawal inya@ascendss.com.



The Africa Creative Market is an agile creative market event that brings major stakeholders in the African and international creative industry together to explore and exchange innovative ideas for Africa’s creative economy, provide training for African creatives, share future-proof business models, provide access to trade finance, increase creative export and standards; and promote data-led understanding of creative trade.

The 2022 ACM will host the Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) Summit, several capacity building and training programs for creatives in Film, Music, Dance and Fashion.



Tuesday, August 30th:

09.30-12.00pm Global film industries & structures: keynotes by representatives from France/EU, US (Hollywood), Bollywood, United Arab Emirates;

followed by Q&A, roundup and takeaways.

12.00-01.00pm Lunch

01.00-03.00pm FWIFT Nigeria panel: new Nollywood & old Nollywood

03.00-05.00pm Thrive Masterclass 1 “Entertainment is serious business” (1hr open for all Thrive participants, 1hr breakout sessions for Thrive

participants’ sections)

05.00-06.00pm WIFTI Summit: Opening WIFTI Summit, WIF LA 25th anniversary program

06.00-07.00pm WIFTI Summit: Panel with streaming platforms (Like: Paramount+, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple+ from around the world)

07.00-08.00pm Dinner

08.00pm: Fashion show


Wednesday, August 31st:

09.30-12.00pm African film industries & structures: Keynotes by representatives from Nigeria (Nollywood), South Africa, Morocco; followed by Q&A, roundup and takeaways.

12.00-01.00pm Lunch

01.00-02.30pm WIFTI Summit: Dialogue with international and African film finance organizations

02.30-03.30pm WIFT Brasil

03.30-05.30pm Thrive Masterclass 2 “How to establish your brand locally and globally” (1hr open for all Thrive participants, 1hr breakout sessions for Thrive participants’ sections)

04.30-06.30pm WIFTI Summit: Virtual networking hosted by WIFT Germany (queens’ tables)

06.30-07.00pm WIFTI Summit: Closing WIFTI Summit

07.00-08.00pm Dinner

08.00pm: Awards Show