Welcome to the WIFTI Summit 2023!

Welcome to the WIFTI Summit 2023!

wifti summit 2023

Welcome to the WIFTI Summit 2023!

We look forward to a weekend of creative exchange, WIF LA’s 50-year anniversary celebration, and the awarding of the WIFTI Peace Prize. Check out our program below. The events on Saturday and Sunday will be live-streamed on the WIFTI Youtube Channel.



Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) gathers participants from six continents, 40 member associations, to share ideas, working methods and solutions for the future of an equal audiovisual industry. The event opens a view to the global landscape of women in film, television and media, giving members a chance and means to learn from and support each other.

Venue: HANAHOLMEN Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Hotel

Live-Stream on Saturday and Sunday on the WIFTI Youtube Channel

More regular updates to the programme will also be posted on the WIFT Finland homepage.





FRIDAY 22nd September

no stream

16.00 – 17.30 Hotel Marski
Finnish Film Affair Closing Cocktails
for WIFTI Helsinki Summit guests by registration

17.45-18.45 Hanaholmen, meeting room Blixtlås
General Assembly for WIFTI members

19.00-21.00 Hanaholmen, restaurant
Informal Welcome Dinner


SATURDAY 23rd September

All events at Hanaholmen Cultural Center. All events from the mainhall will be live-streamed.

10.00 Opening
Welcome by Hanaholmen Cultural Center, WIFT Finland and WIFT International



10.05 Who is who: Members’ presentation round conducted by Helene Granqvist

11.00 Gender Equality Catch-up
Professor Lisa French (Australia)
Dr Eva Flicker (Austria)
Dr Susan Liddy (Ireland)
Dr Greta Gober (Poland
Dr Tarja Savolainen (Finland)
Moderated by Dr Susan Liddy



12.00 We Are The Change
How has the emergence of women and underrepresented minorities changed the media, the industry and art forms, and what does it mean? With director Katja Gauriloff, Skolt Sámi, Finland; director Fawzia Mirza, US/Canada, and editor Theo Lindberg, Sweden

12.45-14.30 ROUND TABLE LUNCH with topics!
online: click the headline for the topics



14.30 Planning Crucial Tracks when the Train is Running Fast 
For years scientists tried to deepen the discussion about the impact of AI on our societies. Physicists urged philosophers to analyse the ethics and power structures of the upcoming paradigm shift. Then a chatbot demo went viral in late 2022, and in 2023 the discussion exploded. Today we are offered multiple horror scenarios side by side with creative and scientific new possibilities and our audio-visual industry is rightfully debating biased AI, rights issues, and artistic principles. 

With Liselott Forsman, Nordic Film & TV Fond. 10+10

14.50 The Bigger Picture by WIFT Denmark
The campaign A Bigger Picture/Et Større Billede aims to improve the representation of minoritized people in Danish film and TV.

With Laura Allen Muller, WIFT Denmark

15.05 Reframe initiative by WIF LA and Sundance
ReFrame designs and leads systemic change programs in Hollywood in partnership with key industry leaders and companies. ReFrame ReSource is an online hub of culture change tools and best practices created in collaboration with 50+ diversity advocacy organizations, on topics ranging from equity in development, to production, hiring, and audience development.

With Andria Wilson Mirza

15.25 The Equality Tool for AV-industry by WIFT Finland
The digital tool helps those working in the industry to take concrete actions to improve equality and to comply with the legislation and/or do a production specific equality plan. The tool is to facilitate the planning of TV and film content, employment relations and workplace safety from an equality perspective.

With Eeva-Sofia Anttonen

15.40 Comments 5’:
Brigitte Monneau, Canada, on Woman as a specialist-tool and the Parity radar (on-line, on screen)

Domizia De Rosa, Italy, on Rules for Ethical Behavior in the Audiovisual Field Sector

Alejandra FC Zarazua, Sweden, on WIFT Tech

Session moderator and closing comments: Debra Zimmerman, Women Make Movies, NY / USA

16.15 COFFEE



16.45 WIF Los Angeles@50
WIF CEO Kirsten Schaffer will share stories of how this community was built, what change looks like now and what’s next for WIF and the movement.

17.15 – 19.30 Group meetings, sauna, naps


Speeches and dance! Hosted by WIF LA

THE WIFTI PEACE PRIZE presented by Helene Granqvist

DJ Bätmän!


SUNDAY 24th September


Good morning with Voices from the Indigenous North

10.00 Planetal crisis recalibrating telling– how to relearn to communicate with the land – with Pauliina Feodoroff

10.10 Borderless Futures– with Anne-Lajla Utsi, Managing Director of the International Sámi Film Institute

10.20 People, Places and Power
A discussion on leadership and economic equity in the European media and entertainment context.

With filmmaker Victoria Thomas, UK, and producer Grace Maharaj, WIFT Sweden

10.40 WIFTI: In search of inclusivity – Spotlight on age.
Dr Deborah Jermyn – UK
Dr Susan Liddy – Ireland
Professor Bernadette Luciano – Italy/New Zealand
Moderator: Dr Susan Liddy

10.15 Change of Rooms

11.40 PARALLEL SESSIONS in break out rooms on:

●      How to run a successful chapter – WIF LA and WFTV UK – how to support smaller chapters (guidelines, advice, shoulders)
●      Gender inclusive language and chapter names – how are chapters changing their names and or descriptions of their work to be more inclusive of underrepresented genders including non-binary and transgender members? – Andria Wilson Mirza
●      Benchmarking programs: mentoring, upskilling, advocacy – TBC
●      Sustainability – Helene Granqvist
●      Experiences on Ageism and How to overcome it – TBC
●      The Imperative and the Impossibility of Managing Diversity: Lessons from an international research project on Managing Newsroom Diversity for advancing social inclusion in the media. – Greta Gabor
●      Global Guilds and Peer Groups – what would they be good for? – Marjaana Mykkänen

Choose your session at the Info on location.

12.30 – 13.30 LUNCH – continuing topics of the morning



13.30  Culture Wars
Right-wing governments around the world are using culture (including film, TV and media) as a means to move forward repressive agendas. As filmmakers and storytellers how do we work together to put an end to the policies and practices that are reversing decades of work toward equality?

With Domizia De Rosa, Italy, Elina Knihtilä, Finland, Norma Jean Straw, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundatin, USA, Kirsten Schaffer, WIF LA

14.15 Bollywood, Nollywood, Hollywood
The three largest film and television producing regions in the world together generate over $644.2  billion dollars and capture 5.6 billion viewers. How well are each of these industries serving women and underrepresented genders? What best practices can each region share with each other and the international community?

With Guneet Monga Kapoor, India, Fawzia Mirza, US/Canada, Victoria Thomas, UK

14.45 COFFEE



Professional global guilds and peer groups initiative
How to extend the global network of chapters to sub-networks for members without straining chapters – a proposition on constructing easy platforms to discuss professional matters in a systematic way.

With Marjaana Mykkänen, WIFT Finland




15.30 Helene Granqvist from Sweden ends her 5-year term with honors as Dr Susan Liddy from Ireland steps in with a warm welcome.

Helene Granqvist with Valeria Richter: Farewell speech
Dr Susan Liddy: Inauguration speech

16.00 Meet The Irish
The reception is sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland, Finland. It will be attended by Ambassador Ruth Parkin.



WIFTI organizes the event in cooperation and by the invitation of WIFT Finland and WIFT Sweden with WIFT Finland in charge of the event production. The WIFTI Helsinki Summit 2023 is supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, the Finnish Film Foundation, Hanaholmen Cultural Center, the West Finland Film Commission, City of Espoo, Turku Business Region, Helsinki City, and by Audiovisual Producers of Finland, Business Finland and Aurora Studios.

Curated by Marjaana Mykkänen, in collaboration with Helene Granqvist, Susan Liddy and Kirsten Schaffer, and in co-operation with the WIFTI Knowledge, Advocacy and Activism Committee.

Produced by Marjaana Mykkänen, in collaboration with Tiinaliisa Granholm of Hanaholmen and Jutta Ahtola of WIFT Finland.  Heidi Kokki, stage management, Erik Roos, sound, lights, and presentations, Fredrik Lundin, live stream and clips.

Communications and Publicity: Regina Mosch, Veera Lamminpää, Serena Serena Mmifinyana and Milli Mokkila, Social media: Päivi Kettunen, Grace Maharaj, Nina Maskulin and Johanna Wartio.  Minttu Mustakallio, general hosting.

Other volunteers: Jenni Laine, reception; Satu Mikkelinen, transport; Riikka Korhonen, main stage and auditorium; Johanna Wartio, management. With Tamara Aalto, Alicia Corpas; Katariina Kap, Anne Karttunen, Tomi Rantanen, Noora Ranne, Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen.


WIFTI Summit Logos



Registration is open until September 8, 2023.

The fee includes access to the Summit, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee service and WIF LA – WIFTI Peace Price Dinner on Saturday. Travel costs and accommodation are not included. Through the form below you will also find information about hotel reservations.

WIFTI members: 100€

Students: 50€

Non-WIFTI members:  180€

Supporting participants: 500€  (2 guests plus name in Summit publications)

Hotel prices, 128€ for a single room and 148€ for a double room, include breakfast.

Info on hotel reservations in the registration form.



An invitation letter for VISA or funding applications is available on the link below. If you need further assistance with it, please contact wiftsummit23@wift.fi




Foreign embassies in Helsinki



You can reach Helsinki by plane or by boat  from Stockholm, Sweden; Tallinn, Estonia or Travemünde Germany.

The national airline Finnair has several European and continental direct flights https://www.finnair.com/en/destinations but many other airlines fly to Helsinki as well.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport is located 18 kilometers from the city center

from Tallinn

from Stockholm

from Travemünde

journey planner
Taksi Helsinki phone +358 100 0700 or app



The capital of Finland has 650 000 inhabitants and is surrounded by sea from east, south and west. Together with neighboring cities of Espoo (where Hanasaari is located), Vantaa and Kauniainen the greater Helsinki area has around a a million inhabitants.







Our partners at Helsinki International Film Festival are delighted to offer WIFTI Helsinki Summit attendees an accreditation badge to Finnish Film Affair at a special price.

HIFF – Love & Anarchy Film Festival takes place in Helsinki 14-24 September, with its industry event FFA –  Finnish Film Affair on 20-22 September.

Attendees of WIFTI Summit receive a 20% discount on international guest accreditation for Finnish Film Affair (deal price 144 euros, inc. VAT 10%).

Finnish Film Affair’s guest accreditation for international industry professionals includes:
– Guest accreditation for 3 days
– Lunches and dinners on event days
– Invites to networking events, such as a sauna evening on Thursday 21 September
– The help of our matchmaker, curating your meetings with hand-chosen projects
– Discount code for our festival hotel
– For access to film festival screenings at Love & Anarchy 14.-24.9.2023, an additional HIFF PRO badge can be purchased with 30 euros

Finnish Film Affair is the industry event of Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy and an international showcase of Finnish films and Nordic talent. Organised since 2012, approximately 500 film industry professionals from Finland and around the world attend the event each year. The event consists of panels, networking events, film screenings, and above all the esteemed showcase, which spotlights nearly 50 Finnish films each year, including four first or second-feature directors from our neighbouring Nordic countries. The 12th Finnish Film Affair will take place Wednesday-Friday 20-22 September 2023.

The Early bird accreditation to FFA will open on June 12 at their website https://hiff.fi/en/finnishfilmaffair/how-to-attend

Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy is Finland’s biggest film festival which promotes the artistry of filmmaking alongside inventive, controversial and visually stunning new films. The festival is the number one place to experience films that would otherwise not be seen in Finnish theatres. The yearly festival programme consists of new films from well-known filmmakers and fresh talents alike. During its over 30-year lifespan, HIFF has expanded from two theatres to 18 screens and established itself as an 11-day homage to cinema. In 1988 the festival screened 26 films, whereas nowadays the programme consists of 140 feature films and 130 short films. Additionally, HIFF hosts its R&A Shorts National Competition, a variety of talks and panels, extracurricular parties throughout the festival, and has the joy of bringing guests the likes of  Spike Lee, Danny Boyle, Tilda Swinton, Naoko Ogigami, Jan Kounen, Aleksandr Sokurov, Baz Luhrmann, Philip Ridley, Nicolas Winding Refn, Jacques Audiard, Lucile Hadžihalilović, Terence Davies and Cristian Mungiu to Helsinki. The 36th HIFF – Love & Anarchy festival will be held 14.-24.9.2023.

The 36th Helsinki IFF screens films mainly from 2022 and 2023. The festival’s film selection is by invitation only, but you can still suggest your film by sending an email with synopsis and credits to outi@hiff.fi by June 9th. The festival will be in touch before the end of July in case it’s possible to consider the film for its next edition.

WIFTI x Cannes

WIFTI x Cannes

WIFTI x Cannes 2023

We are delighted to meet our global community at Cannes Film Festival 2023!


WIFTI Panel at Canes

Also, come along to Collectif 50/50’s events!


Collectif 50 50 in Cannes

Welcome to the WIFTI Summit 2023!

WIFTI Summit 2023 – Early Bird Registrations

wifti summit 2023
WIFTI Summit 2023 – Early Bird Registrations

The WIFTI Summit is a bi-annual event dedicated to our inspiring global community. This year, we are making our way to beautiful Finland and meet at Hanaholmen just outside Helsinki. For two days, we will be discussing industry trends, meet inspiring leaders from around the world and of course take lots of time to meet and mingle. We will also have a special celebration of Women in Film Los Angeles’ 50th anniversary!

With the conference center Hanaholmen, we could not have found a better, more beautiful and calming place for our members to meet. Have a look at Hanaholmen here!

The closest airport is Helsinki. From there, the conference centre is accessible by car, taxi or public transport.

While the details and programme are still under construction, we would like to grasp the interest and number of attendees with our Early Bird registration until May 31. If you are interested to attend, please send an email to wiftsummit23@wift.fi.

Kindly indicate which chapter you represent and if you require an invitation letter for VISA or funding applications, which we are happy to provide.


The Early Bird registration rate is 100€, to be charged at the end of May. From June 1 until August 22 the regular fee of 180€ will apply.

The fee include access to the conference, dinners and afternoon tea/coffee service. Travel costs and accommodation are not included.

The conference centre has its own hotel. A single room costs 128€ per night, a double room costs 148€ per night. Breakfast included.

The organizers are working towards a scholarship system, for those who need support in covering their costs.


See you in Helsinki!

March 8 Short Film Showcase

March 8 Short Film Showcase

wifti march 8 short film showcase
Enjoy the longest March 8 with WIFTI!

International Women’s Day is our annual reminder to renew and reinforce our fight for intersectional justice. We stand with everyone who faces discrimination caused by capitalist patriarchy and use our voices to shape public discourse and influence decision-makers, all around the world.

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 we are hosting our annual, 48h-long March 8 Short Film Showcase – the longest March 8 spanning across all time zones.

Here on the WIFTI Homepage and on Herflix, you will be able to watch 14 short films from our global community from March 8 at 12am in New Zealand until 12am in Hawaii!

We will feature inspiring, fierce, funny and beautiful works from our chapters in Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New England, New Zealand, Savannah, Sweden and Washington.

How to watch? On March 8, whenever it starts in your country, go to www.wifti.net or www.herflix.com – you will find the access there.

Why not organise a watch party with your local chapter? Just saying…

WIFT International on various events in Berlin

WIFT International on various events in Berlin

wifti berlinale 2023
WIFTI x Berlinale 2023

For the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival and European Film Market 2023, WIFTI will be hosting, co-hosting and supporting several events. After three years of not meeting in-person in Berlin, we are looking forward to reconnecting with our global community in the German capital.

Several members of the board from Jamaica, USA, Caucasus, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland will be present and available for meetings, chats or friendly catch-ups.


WIFT Germany is hosting their annual Berlinale event on Saturday, 18th February. Meet filmmakers from all over the world in networking sessions and panel discussions!

As filmmakers we get to create our vision of the world and inspire audiences to dream of what might be and to shape their perception of what already is.

But that also means that we have the responsibility to reflect on these stories and on how we tell and present them to maximise their impact. Women’s visions have long been overlooked – now is the time to make them seen.

Date: February 18th from 9.30am to 1pm at the Nordic Embassies.

Join us for this event by Power To Transform which WIFTI is supporting!

The pandemic has brought special challenges for women and for our work towards a gender-balanced film industry. We think is it time and important to both reflect on the past years and to look into the future together: What challenges have women film organizations faced recently and what can a path forward look like?

On top of that, we like to shine a spotlight on the work of women filmmakers in the current crisis areas that are shaking the world. We want to make visible the importance of female voices during crisis and in restrictive systems. Female filmmakers from Iran, Afghanistan and Ukraine are invited and will share their perspectives.

Date: February 17th at the Embassy of Canada to Germany, Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin.

WIFTI Summit 2023 – Save The Date

WIFTI Summit 2023 – Save The Date

wifti summit 2023
WIFTI Summit 2023 – Save The Date
“WIFTI Helsinki Summit 2023 – Facing the Future” takes place in Hanasaari cultural center and conference hotel in the inner city archipelago of Helsinki.
It is a two-day event bringing together Wiftians from all over the world, sharing experiences and ideas with their peers, creating an action plan to face the challenges and possibilities for the future.

WIFTI invites all chapters to join this unique event. Your wishes and ideas for the programme are also welcome, so do send them as well as any inquiries to marjaana.mykkanen@wift.fi along with possible requests for letters of invitation.


Stay updated on our homepage in the next months.

Watch the WIFTI Worldwide Pitch

Watch the WIFTI Worldwide Pitch

wifti worldwide pitch
Watch the WIFTI Worldwide Pitch

On December 12, 2022 we are hosting the WIFTI Worldwide Pitch event for the first time. Every member of any WIFT chapter is invited to join online and watch our sisters that will present their projects to the jury. Find the public registration for the Pitch below.

The WIFTI Worldwide Pitch is dedicated to the impact of our global community and is based on the belief of making us all love and live in a peaceful environment.

We are proud to feature projects from all six continents. The following chapters will present a project:

New Mexico Women in Film, USA



WIFT Germany

Women in Film Guild Botswana

WIFT Namibia

WIFT Finland

WIFT Georgia


WIFT Brasil

WIFT Italy



WIFT China

WIFT Austin Texas

WIFT Sweden

WIFTGCC – Abu Dhabi

WIFT Australia

WIFT Norway



Time: 10am Pacific Time / 1pm Easter Time / 7pm Central European Time / 8pm South African Time / 5am Australian Easter Time (Dec 13)

Please share in your networks. The participating projects will receive their own individual links.

March 8 Short Film Showcase

Submissions for March 8 Short Film Showcase

wifti march 8 short film showcase
Submissions open for March 8 Short Film Showcase    

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 we will host our annual, 48h-long March 8 Short Film Showcase!

Every WIFT Chapter is invited to contribute with one short film of max. 8 minutes to be part of this program.
The film must be directed by a woman or non-binary person and have a woman or non-binary person in the lead role. It must furthermore represent an angle/subject that the applying chapter experiences as important for our global community.
All chapters are responsible for clarifying the rights to screen the film worldwide and online for the 48 hours of March 8th 2022 worldwide.
Deadline to submit: February 8th
To submit:
Every chapter may select ONE short film from their body of members. Individual members CANNOT send their films directly to us – the submission must come from the chapter committee/board.
Chapters may send the following information to Osnat Bukofzer: bukofzer@015.net.il

Instructions on how to send the film file will be communicated when the written material is received. 

Film Details: Duration, Country, Language, Year, Genre, Topic

Cast & Crew: Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Actors, Distributor Company, Sales Agent, Festivals & Awards

Art of Sustainability – A Global Reflection

Art of Sustainability – A Global Reflection

art of sustainability wifti
Join us for the first webinar of our series “Art of Sustainability”

As part of WIFTI’s new series ‘Art of Sustainability – A Global Reflection’, WIFTI President Helene Granqvist will be in conversation with Prem Gill, CEO of Creative BC, Canada and independent producer and line producer Stephanie Dawson.

The conversation will be on Green Shooting, why the work for environmental sustainability and inclusion is so connected and why we need to be more conscious of the impact of our storytelling on the film & TV ecosystem.

Date: January 10th, 2023 at 12pm Pacific Time / 3pm Eastern Time / 9pm Central European Time / 7am Australian Eastern Time



Prem Gill is Chief Executive Officer of Creative BC, the organization designated by the Province of British Columbia to unite, sustain and grow British Columbia’s dynamic and diverse creative sector, including motion picture, music and sound recording, interactive and digital media, and magazine and book publishing.

Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the digital media and entertainment industries, Prem has been named one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women, Vancouver Magazine’s “Power 50” and received the Community Catalyst award from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

For many years, Prem has championed Canadian creativity as a representative and spokesperson to media, industry and government at all levels. As CEO of Creative BC, Prem is responsible for delivering a wide range of programs and services that will expand B.C.’s creative economy to reach its economic, social and creative potential both at home and globally.

Stephanie Dawson is a producer, line producer, and production manager for narrative, unscripted, and branded content with over 15 years of experience. Her other recent credits include DOWN WITH THE KING (2021), MAYA & HER LOVER (2020), DEREK DELGAUDIO’S IN & OF ITSELF (HULU), GREAT PERFORMANCES (PBS) and HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL (HGTV). She has also worked in live events such as Fashion Week and the Tom Joyner Family Reunion.

In 2009, she was introduced to sustainable production on a commercial for a major big box store. Shortly after that, a production with Glass Eye Pix also implemented sustainability measures on set. This sparked a synergy between her two professional loves: filmmaking and the environment. She has pushed for eco processes on set wherever possible since.

She is producing the forthcoming feature film THE RHODORA which she co-wrote with director Maria Matteoli (THE WINE OF SUMMER). She is producing alongside Trevite Willis (CARGO).

In March of 2022, Dawson was inducted to the Full Sail University Hall of Fame. Stephanie is a founding member of the non-profit Women Independent Producers, co-chair of the Producers Guild of America Green Committee and a Climate Reality Leader. She is currently a Producer for the PBS Series Great Performances with WNET Group/Thirteen.


WIFT International announces new President

WIFT International announces new President

WIFTI new president announcement
WIFTI announces new president

On Thursday 17 November Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) announced the election of a new President following a meeting of the Board of Directors. Chair of WFT Ireland, Dr. Susan Liddy, will step into the role that has been occupied by Swedish producer Helen Granqvist since 2018. The two women will work together for the coming months as Co-Presidents until Dr. Liddy assumes the helm in August 2023.

Welcoming Dr. Liddy to her new role, Ms. Granqvist said: “I’m looking forward to sharing the leadership of WIFTI with Dr. Liddy during the transition period. Susan is a researcher and I am a practitioner but we are both activists who work strategically for change. I couldn’t wish for someone better to take over the leadership for WIFTI! “

Speaking about her appointment Dr. Liddy said: “I’m honoured to be chosen to lead WIFTI in the years ahead and I look forward to working with our international colleagues, in uniting chapters and affiliated organisations, to elevate and amplify the role of women in film and television. I salute Helen Granqvist who has worked tirelessly to build a global organisation that is united in a vision of female empowerment and advancement. Our goal remains firm: to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the screen industries everywhere.”

The WIFTI Board also paid tribute to Ms. Granqvist for her service and dedication to the promotion of women in the screen industries: “Since her election as President of WIFTI in 2018 Helene Granqvist has positioned WFTI as a global influencer. During her tenure the organisation spread across six continents and has a diverse Board drawn from all the chapters and affiliate organisations”.


WIFTI new president announcement


Dr. Susan Liddy has led WFT Ireland as Chair since 2018. In addition to her work with WFT Dr. Liddy serves on the board of the Irish Film Institute, the Writers Guild of Ireland and Raising Films Ireland. She lectures in the Department of Media and Communication Studies in MIC, University of Limerick. Dr.Liddy is the Founder and Director of Catalyst International Film Festival, Limerick – a festival that prioritises films from underrepresented groups, in front of and behind the camera.
Her research includes Women in the Irish Film Industry: Stories and Storytellers (ed) (Cork University Press, 2020); Women in the International Film Industry: Policy, Practice and Power (ed.) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020); Media Work, Mothers and Motherhood: Negotiating the International Audio-Visual Industry (co-ed) (Routledge, 2021). She has co-authored two industry reports: for the BAI and Raising Films Ireland and, with Fergal Rhatigan, is currently researching the working culture in the Irish Screen industries for a WFT research project, funded by Screen Ireland. Her collection Women, Ageing and the Screen Industries: ‘Falling Off a Cliff’? (ed. Palgrave Macmillan) will be published in February 2023.

About Women in Film and Television International
Women in Film and Television International is a coalition of Women in Film Chapters as well as other women’s media organizations around the world. There are more than 50 WIFT and WIFT-partner chapters on six continents – all working for the same goal: gender balance in the media industry.

WIFTI was established as the global network connecting all Women in Film organizations to speak with one common voice. The strength of WIFTI is based on the strength coming from every member of every chapter all around the world. Together we make change!

Board of WIFTI members: Co-Chairs Susan Liddy, WFT Ireland and Helene Granqvist, WIFT Sweden
Board members: Sarah Inya Lawal, WIFT Africa; Ajoke Silva, Forum of Women and Film and TV Nigeria; Rubaiyat Hossain, WIFT Bangladesh; Tsiako Abezadze, WIFT Caucasus; Susan Brinton, WIFT Vancouver; Brigitte Monneau, FCTMN Montreal; Nicole Ackermann, WIFT Germany; Patricia Watson, WIFT New Zealand; Katrina Graham, WIFT Australia; Nerissa Scott, WIFV New England; Serena Mmifinyana, Women in Film Guild Botswana; Marjaana Mykkänen, WIFT Finland; Domizia De Rosa, WIFTM Italy; Katerina Kaskanioti, WIFT Greece; Osnat Bukofzer, WIFT Israel; Nadean Rawlins, WIFT Jamaica; Susana Campos, WIFT Brazil; Cynthia Lopez, New York WIFT and Kirsten Schaffer, WIF Los Angeles.

Press contacts:
Kate Bowe, Bowe Communications – 086 267 5018