After the WIFTI Summit in Helsinki, Women in Film and Television International welcomes Dr. Susan Liddy as its new President and Chair of WFT Ireland. During the event, Dr. Liddy took the stage to the stage to share an important message that reflects WIFTI’s mission to empower women in the screen industries worldwide. Watch this video back here now.

Dr. Liddy, an academic and advocate for gender equality, said “As I stated after the WIFTI Helsinki Summit ‘Facing the Future’ (September 22-24, 2023) during which I was formally inaugurated as President of WIFTI, it is a privilege to have been chosen to lead the organisation in the years ahead. I look forward to working with international colleagues in both WIFTI chapters and affiliated organisations, to further strengthen our global organisation and importantly, our connection to each other. We are bound by a shared goal, to elevate and amplify the role of women, including those who identify as women, in the screen industries across the world; across borders and across cultural divides. We support each other first and foremost as women and as filmmakers. But we are also united in a vision of empowerment, advancement and solidarity which includes our allies in many marginalised communities with whom we stand shoulder to shoulder. Our goal is steadfast: to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the screen sector everywhere. My immediate objective is to further intensify dialogue and connection by looking for ways to engage more deeply, more frequently despite being divided by continents and oceans! I have no doubt we will find a way!”

WIFTI’s commitment to empowerment and solidarity extends to all those who share their vision of a more inclusive and equitable screen industry. Dr. Liddy’s words reflect the dedication of WIFTI to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to tell their stories.